Grant Proposal: RPerl Medium-Magic Grammar

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Great project to the health of perl.

I've been reading up on RPerl for some days now, and mailing with Will Braswell, mostly about the documentation and examples. Last YAPC::NA in Salt lake City, I got a demo of what he was doing.

If, thanks to this grant, RPerl can handle more "magically" aspects of Perl 5, I do hope it will draw attention from the core developers of Perl 5. Making Perl 5 faster is a nice prospect. For me, I look forward to the prospect of using such techniques for Perl 6.

I think this proposal is promising and I hope TPF will fulfill this grant.

vote for!

The only thing lacking for RPerl is support for more grammer, I vote for this.

I support this proposal since this grant is a bellwether if RPerl can be developed and maintained by the perl community at large vs one developer who for personal reasons can stop development at any time and leave users hanging with fantastical what ifs. If this grant is approved and successfully completed, it opens the door to more RPerl grants in the future and proves RPerl has a viable development culture.

vote for!

On behalf of Paul Bennett and myself, we thank you all for your support, and we thank TPF for their consideration in awarding this grant.

Ms. van Dijk is correct, this will be a big step for RPerl toward supporting the more "magically" complex parts of Perl, and thus will drive adoption of RPerl within the greater Perl community as a whole.

The "anon" comment is also correct, this grant will help prove there is a sustainable team of multiple Perl experts working on the RPerl project.

So, let's get coding! :-)

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