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I'd love to see this grant finally move to completion. Please take the blogs-perl-org fork with my blessings and any help I can give you, ask TPF for my private email and I'll do my best to answer any and all questions you have.

The code does in fact run and as best as I remember I could download the project, use the migration tool to copy an existing MovableType database, populate the search engine, and we were off and running. The reasons the grant expired are ... well, I've talked about those before and won't go over them again.

It's rather JavaScript heavy, and it was partially my fault for letting that get away from me, but I was dragged into both lead development *and* team management, so I had my hands full between getting the back end into shape, merging everyone's branches (usually under my name) and resolving code conflicts among the team.

You can probably reuse the migration tool, back-end schema (paying attention to the hashing protocol used for MT passwords) and maybe some elements of the front end. While the front-end team did the best with what they had, it turned out very JS-heavy and that was a consistent criticism of the site.

Again, I wish Andre' and friends from Booking all the best of luck, and I'll do my best to support them in finally getting this out the door. While I've thought several times about trying to take this over myself, I've not been in a situation where I have both the free time and cash flow to make this happen. I'd ordinarily say that I don't really have the web design skills to pull this off, but I think by now I could make something passable.

Andre, ask TPF for my email address and I'll answer any questions you might have about the current state of the project.

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