Grant Proposal: Optimizations building upon the new Raku dispatch mechanism

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A very enthusiastic +1 from me. The new-disp work so far has been great, and I eagerly look forward to any and all further improvements.

Also +1 from me. Jonathan's work on Raku has been excellent and focused on exactly the right place. Raku is an amazingly expressive language for which the only downside is occasional performance deficit. Continued effort towards improvements in that area would be greatly appreciated.

+1 from me; Jonathan's previous work in performance has not only realized the direct gains but the updated architecture makes it easier for other core developers to contribute improvements as well.

Better performance (both startup and runtime) is what is holding back the wider spread use of Raku in production environments. With all the changes in new-disp some areas already got quite an improvement already. Obviously, Jonathan is the right person to implement the now possible optimisations and also provide the ground work for others to explore these new opportunities.

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