Grant Proposal: Raku Dispatch and Compiler Improvements

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I think that both the new dispatch mechanism and RakuAST have the potential to be game changers.

While those features may not be enough to get people to flock to Raku by themselves; they may be enough to enable The Next Big Thing™. Which may have the potential to get people to flock to Raku. (Think Ruby on Rails but better.)

I also think that jnthn is the single best hope for getting those features finished in the near future. I'm sure we have other people capable of finishing those features, but the features are more fully formed in jnthn's mind than in any other person.

I honestly think that this may be a defining moment for the future of Raku.

I had the pleasure to work with Jonathan on some projects during the last years. Whatever he delivered was well thought through and cleanly implemented. While this was on a much less mind-blowing level than his work on MoarVM, I have no doubt that he will do again a great job on the proposed work. In addition, he also blogs about his work and it is always a good read, even when my understanding of the MoarVM internals is very limited.

The work proposed is a continuation of what he started a while ago and coming to a completion soon. I am very much looking forward to the first Rakudo release including the new code and also on the new things that will be possible once completed (Macros, easier optimizations, etc).

Please fund this project asap.

+1 jnthn has always produced great thing and I very much look forward to seeing the new dispatch and RakuAST work land.

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