Grant Proposal: Quarren CMS

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Is the existing development in a public repository?

Hi, coke!

The post here doesn't mention me by name (although referencing my personal site), but I'm the one whose mad idea Quarren is.

Initial work, which is admittedly somewhat sketchy and proof-of-concept-ey, is available at

At this point, the Dancer2 routes for public-facing pages are there, and can handle very-basic permalink systems--and I've made it modular for more options later. I just started in last week on the admin section, so don't expect much of anything there yet.

Also, the stub of a theme plugin is at

What differentiates Quarren from existing Perl CMS systems like Yancy?

Good question, sebastian. If anything, preaction's Yancy project is even geekier than Quarren! I've not ever used Yancy, but spent some time looking over the documentation this morning to help frame an answer. Doug can correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it, Yancy requires the user to define their data schema, in most use-cases. I'm taking an approach somewhat closer to WordPress, where the user does not have to concern themselves with that, unless they are writing a plugin. Where Yancy can focus itself on management of data, even fairly complex data--I could, for instance, envision Yancy being used as a simple ERP system--my vision for Quarren is aiming more toward blog and portfolio content, with the user not needing to know or understand their database engine to make it go. I hope this answers your question, sebastian, and thank you for participating in the public-comments process.

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