Grant Proposal: Plerd, a lightweight blogging engine

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I'm always skeptical of grant proposals for projects that only one person is using. What's the benefit to the community at large? For projects like this I'd really prefer to see some adoption from others before funding it.

I'd like to see this project supported.

I'd also like to log in to comment, but that's a different issue.

I should have added I tried to use both Movable Type and Wordpress to log in.


For the sake of acknowledgment, I comment to say that I read Dave's question as rhetorical (as I have already done my best to answer it in the application text), and accept the attached critique as quite valid.

I discover that, in this context, I assume too much (and, indeed, against my own interests) when I asserted in the application that nobody uses Plerd besides me. It didn't occur to me to look at the recent status of its Github repo, or perform a web-search for it.

Lo, I see to my surprise and delight that two hackers have forked the codebase on Github, and at least one active Plerd deployment that is not my own exists in the wild: (There may be others; I found this one simply because the user blogged about the fact of their using Plerd, by name.)

Yes, that still represents a very small install/developement base. But I can today state with confidence that it's non-zero! So, there's that.

The Perl community already has blogging platforms available on CPAN.
The author does not even mention a comparison against any of them.

The difference that Plerd claims to bring is "creates posts by adding Markdown files to a Dropbox-shared directory". I don't see the value for the Perl community at large (which is what grants are for) to push some software dependent on a speficic PaaS for storage.

Why not make ikiwiki stronger and bring it even more in the spotlight; this software seems solid and did attract the attention of some sites like the NetBSD Foundation and GNU/Hurd. Others could follow. My 2 cents.

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