Grant Proposal: Perl 6 Release Goals

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I'm all in favour. Jonathan as previously shown both leadership and incredible grunt work on all aspects of the Perl 6 compiler tool chain, from the VM up to the highest-level features.

He's the single most important contributor at the moment, and having his time and expertise secured would help us a great deal to get Perl 6 released by Christmas. This Christmas.

I wholly support this. Jonathan is one of the most capable developers I have ever met and a driving force for perl 6 progress. Furthermore the set of goals look altogether reasonable to me.

Definitely a +1 to funding this.

I'd add something more, but moritz's second paragraph echoes my thoughts exactly. The more Perl6-time jnthn has, the more likely that we'll have a fast, stable, happy Christmas :)

+1 Jonathan has a history of both making promises and keeping them. Landing Rakudo functionality within a given time frame in spite of nay sayers. The work presented here although it doesn't sound exciting/fancy/magical is both necessary and achievable for a production worthy release in the time specified.

Rakudo is now at the level of maturity where all the cool OO and operator things are around, in large part thanks to Jonathan's efforts. But the fundamentals need polish and performance work before adoption.

Certainly this grant addresses many of the blockers to my own use of Rakudo and Perl 6 as a full time every day Perl.

Christmas is coming.

Strong +1

+1 Jonathan++ did all the magical work, which makes Perl 6 possible. With the grant, Perl 6 will be our gift of this Christmas eventually and really.

Yes please!


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