Grant Proposal: Modern Object Oriented Programming in Perl

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I like the concept but I have a few concerns about this proposal.

First, the submitter doesn't have much writing experience other than a single article to point to. Typically, book proposals are submitted with at least one sample chapter. I think that would be appropriate for this grant proposal too.

Second, and perhaps more concerning, is that there is no mention of how editing and tech review will be done for this book. My experience as a book author tells me that both of these things are crucial for creating a solid end product.

I imagine tech reviewing could be obtained by simply asking people in the community to read the book and contribute changes via git, and wouldn't require additional funds. However, getting someone to act as an editor might take actual money.


i think this is a really cool idea and it would help many people understanding and getting into Moo(se).

I really like Toby's code on CPAN. I like the fact that you can contact him easily. And he's really responsive.

When the qualitiy of this book is as good as his code I really say "Yes" to this grant.

I really hope that the book will focus on the Perl (scripting language) specifics of OO patterns. I propose to add an cookbook homepage with recipes which can be added over time.

Thumbs up!

Best regards
A. Mock

I think Toby Inkster's work on Perl is marvellous, and definitely support this grant.

Thank you to everybody for the comments so far.

Addressing some of Dave Rolsky's concerns:

I don't have very many more "articley" things I can point to. I do occasionally blog about Perl-related topics, such as here and here, though blogging is a somewhat different style of writing than you'd expect in a book.

Many of my CPAN releases include extensive documentation, and sometimes mini-tutorials. Examples include Type::Tiny::Manual::Libraries, Kavorka::Manual::MultiSubs, and Set::Equivalence. Another good example is Moops::Manual::Objects101 which is somewhat relevant as it is a port of an object-oriented programming tutorial in another programming language (in this case, Visual Basic) to Perl; in some ways a miniature version of what I hope to produce if given this grant.

Regarding technical review, as per my open source code, I would be writing all this "in the open", with a repository on GitHub (and mirrored on Feedback on any aspect of the writing as it progressed would be not only welcomed, but actively encouraged. I'd also frequently upload "checkpoints" to the CPAN as developer releases (i.e. containing underscores in the version number) to ensure as wide as possible an audience for the work in progress.

There are a couple of people that I would have loved to ask to edit the book, but I couldn't really expect them to donate their time without any recompense. I was conscious of keeping the amount requested as low as feasible, so didn't want to add the cost of hiring an editor to it. I will note that the Attribution-ShareAlike License would allow for edited versions to be produced afterwards.

Addressing one of Andreas Mock's points:

A "cookbook" does indeed sound like a very good idea. It could take the form of a multi-author blog, or a wiki. I think that is certainly something to bear in mind for publishing the HTML version of the book.

Because I've been asked about it on IRC, here are a list of general principles I hope to encourage through the book:

They won't be given their own chapters, not because they're too unimportant, but because they're too important. The concepts will be introduced early on, in the chapters about classes, objects, and encapsulation, and the principles will be followed in all the later chapters.

I endorse this vigorously. Vigorously, I say! Also seriously.

If you write it, I will guarantee you two sales -- one to me, personally, and one to my lending library.


I'd like to see this funded.

Toby, do you plan to try and do a print edition as well, in the style of Modern Perl?

This sounds like a good idea. I would prefer more text spent on Moose than Moo since it is the main beast of the Perl OOP.

I would also be interested in a good section on Design Patterns. Although a topic on its own, I have been debating whether or not to buy a book on design patterns for awhile now. Most books that talk about design patterns are for Ruby/C++/Java, ect. I would love to have the topic covered but with Perl.

Metaprogramming Techniques sounds like a good section to read as well.

Toby asked my opinion on drafts of this proposal and revised them per my suggestions. The Perl community has long needed a book on this subject. I have confidence in both the author and his outline--he will deliver something of great value to Perl.

Though the price might seem steep to some, my professional opinion as a writer and an editor is that the requested grant amount is a bargain for both the work required and the value of the finished product.

To elaborate on my first comment. Overall, I'm more for the proposal than against it, regardless of my original concerns. I think having this book out there would be valuable for the community and this is not that much money for the creation of a book.

Thank you to everybody for their comments. I believe the official feedback period is now over, but I'm still happy to hear people's ideas - either here if the comments remain open, or by e-mail.

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