Grant Proposal: MoarVM JIT Compiler Expression Backend Maturation

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I'm thoroughly +1 on this proposal. I imagine we stand to gain good performance when floating point registers can be exprjitted, and users going with floating point numbers instead of rats is often a sign that performance is important. I use nativecall often, and so I'll be interested to see what performance gains are to be had in that regard as well, and I'll hopefully be writing a template or two in the future, too.

It's an excellent idea. It will really help make Perl 6 faster and more stable. I'm all for it.


brrt is *the* JIT guy of MoarVM and so is the perfect candidate for any JIT work.

+1, Bart did a great JIT work on moarvm, I hope he will continue improving it.

+1, he’s done great work so far, looking forward to this as well!

Very much +1. As mentioned by previous commenters, Bart is the right person to do deep work on the JIT, and these changes are likely to be valuable by themselves, but also likely to unblock further improvements in the future.

An enthusiastic +1 from me.

Bart's Expression JIT is both powerful and accessible. Building it out further to handle floating point operations and irregular register requirements will be a huge win.


I'd be very glad to see the work proposed in this grant application happen.

The expression JIT is already capable of producing better code than the "lego JIT" in quite a number of cases, and this grant will enable it to take on a great deal more of the JIT compilation work than it can today, which should give us better performance. The expression JIT also has good potential for further optimization in the future, and gives us a path to porting the JIT to other architectures.

Bart's contributions to MoarVM have been of a consistently high standard, and - as the designer of both MoarVM's lego and expression JIT - he obviously has the skills to pull this off. Big +1.

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