Grant Proposal: Improving Perl 5

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Please, please, please!

Nick knows what he is doing. He has been at it for ages, and not only has brought his own original work to perl, but has helped improve the work of dozens of others.

perl would benefit enormously from having more funded work to sort out problems that won't get done in contributors' leisure time, and Nick is obviously one of the top people we could possibly fund.

For me, this is a no-brainer.

Please accept this proposal.

Yes, this sounds great. Let's do it.

I am very happy to see the Perl 5 core get a little love, not to mention some money.

I think that Nick is a perfect candidate for a grant of this type: he brings both his experience and his enthusiasm.

First, obviously he has worked extensively on the core and is one of the most qualified people for this type of work.

Then he brings his enthusiasm, which to me makes it likely that first he will enjoy this work and do it brilliantly, and second that should the grant one day stop, he would keep on working on the core as he has done before, and Perl 5 wouldn't loose a contributor.

So yes to the grant.

Yes, yes and yes - Nick should be given a grant.

as a relative newcomer when it comes to trying to fix things in core I welcome all work that is done to make it simpler to understand. If this also makes it faster, smaller and more awesome in general it's an added bonus

Therefor this gets my +Inf (or a close enough approximation) support.

Just do it!

You won't find a better candidate than Nicholas.

Please vote "yes" for this proposal, Nicholas is one of the few very well qualified core hackers for this task.

Also seems like a no-brainer to me. Someone who knows the internals as well as he does who wants to be paid to work on them and make all of Perl better for everyone else? Yes please.

Yes. I have great confidence that Nicholas, like Dave Mitchell, will fulfill the terms of his grant to the great benefit of the whole Perl community.

This is really exciting and awesome. Couldn't find a better person!

Please vote "yes" on this.

Sounds good!

Please accept the grant proposal!

Nicholas has always been a valuable contributor to the core. Saying "yes" seems like a no-brainer to me.

That's exactly the kind of work Perl needs to keep it competitive in the long run. Go Go Go! :)

This seems to be an eminently sensible idea that no self-respecting Perl developer could disagree with.


Slap the golden handcuffs on 'im before he changes his mind!


I met Nick in person last year, and speaking as someone with no particular interest in the interpreter itself, I was impressed with his ability to explain its inner workings clearly to a relatively un-engaged person such as myself.


So I'm all ready to endorse this grant but I see that I'm probably going to be the last in a very long list. Maybe I should vote "no" just to change it up .... Nah! :-)

As has been said before, this is a no-brainer: please accept this proposal.

Funny, it hasn't been a *week* since the proposal was published here, and I already feel like we're wasting time talking about it :)

This is a really important issue, and even people not deep inside core activity such as myself are pretty confident that Nick is the right person for the job.

Please accept this proposal!

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