Grant Proposal: Improve Perl 6 Networking Support

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I support this. Ben Davies has been working for a long time in Perl 6, released several modules, and what he aims for is something that is really needed in the Perl 6 ecosystem. +1 for this.

I can't comment on whether or not on the schedule, but I can say that this is one of my biggest disappointments in Perl 6 - things that were straightforward to do with networking in Perl 5 are definitely not in Perl 6. As an example, I'm implementing a BGP module in Perl 6 - but can't easily (portable, without NativeCall) set the TCP option for MD5 signatures (that may never be completely portable, but there aren't even good hooks to tie into the socket with today).

I've ended up writing my own socket code, mostly using NativeCall, to get around these problems. But it's fragile, non-portable, and definitely shouldn't be one of the better of the more ways to do it.

So with that in mind, I definitely support this effort!

+1, I'm excited. Raku indeed lacks many networking features, I'm happy that someone knowledgeable will be working on it.


Would it perhaps become possible to support UNIX domain sockets as well? That would be great!





Never mind my previous comment...

...I was not reading properly. My apologies!

More complete control over network options and unix domain socket support would be very useful to have, I expect. +1

I wanted to port the ping monitoring part of our Perl 5 NMS to Perl 6 when we had to add IPv6 support but it wasn't possible due to missing raw sockets.

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