Grant Proposal: Complete YAML::PP

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Tinita has been doing some great work on YAML over the last few years and I fully support this grant to allow her to continue.

As YAML::Tiny is shipped with core perl (wrapped as CPAN::Meta::YAML) and used in cpan installers and by PAUSE, I am particularly excited about the improvements to test suites to ensure compatibility between backend implementations.

Tina is one of the most experienced Perlers around and does stuff faithfully for the long time benefit of the German Perl Community since years. On top she is easy to communicate with and a careful listener.

YAML is still a big thing and thats whyt Perl should have excellent support of. This proposal is at good as it gets.

If it would be put into core then yes. All the existing YAML modules are severely broken, incompatible, limited and insecure by default.

Tini's work will at least solve the problem on the PP (pure-perl side), but core still uses YAML (totally broken) and CPAN::Meta::YAML (limited and deviating).

Ingy is not willing (or not able) to fix his his two modules. He rather stated to work on YAML 1.3 instead. So this will at least fix the PP side, I'm working on the XS side.
And honestly only one YAML (XS) module needs to be in core. The PP variant is only useful for CPAN backports to older versions.

To summarize: CPAN defaults to YAML, Meta defaults to its own bastard. Recommended for CPAN is to use YAML::Syck and for Meta there's no urgent need for anything.

Tina has been the point person for all the YAML modules in Perl for the past 2 years. We work together on all the various YAML projects, but she's the one actively fielding questions on IRC, GitHub and CPAN/RT; fixing bugs and making releases.

She is one of the 5 most knowledgable people in the world about YAML, and definitely #1 of that group in being dedicated to the success of Perl.

I am sure that she will be completing this work regardless, but I know that she is at a special place right now where this grant would help her focus completely on the work. I expect only the best from her efforts.

Ingy (creator of YAML)

I'm excited to see this work happening. I have been emailing with Ingy lately about some needs to have line numbers and comments retained during parsing, and the new tokenizing and parsing approach should be able to support that (and I'm willing to help out with that where I can). We use YAML extensively at my current employer (Grant Street Group) and the ongoing improvements will be of great use.

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