Grant Proposal: Book: Practical Approach to Web Programming with Perl 5

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I would like to discourage author's use of CGI ( ), unless it's explicitly titled as 'History'.

unfortunately this doesn't seem to progress in the right direction, these days Perl Web needs to teach Plack, Templates, Web::Simple/Dancer/ or Catalyst, how to use CPAN and how to get it all running.

Why can't I find any reference to Catalyst, Mojolicious or Dancer?

@vytas: Indeed, I'm aware that CGI is history & I would make sure to point it out to the readers as well :) Thanks for the suggestion.

Regarding Perl-Frameworks: First of all, most of them come with very-good documentation, straight from their developers. I don't feel their is any lack of knowledge resources out there.

And Secondly, since they are at the end of the day built using Perl, hence people should learn the basic building blocs as well, so they can perhaps make their own Web-Framework in future or contribute to the source of the current breed of frameworks.

The advance topics towards the end of this book can cover one of these frameworks as well. I'm giving it a thought as well.

But there is so much to learn, so many good Perl modules and concepts, that a single book isn't enough to teach it all. Being realistic in that sense, its rather better to infect someone with the love of Perl, so they can ride into the sunset, in search of the Perl Wisdom.

How will this be better than "Learning Perl"?

This feels very 1996 to me. A lot of reiventing of the wheel in taking so much time (one chapter each) for creating a login script, a password encryption system, and then to culminate in a hand-rolled blog seems wasteful. Few people want to put up a hand-rolled blog rather than WordPress or some other turnkey solution for that problem space, or would find it to be intriguing as a technical matter.

I am very impressed with the courage of a relative newcomer to submit a proposal, which obviously has had considerable time and effort put into it. But honestly I'm not sure that two years of Perl experience is sufficient for the project.

There is no mention if the book will be provided free online, like some other authors have done. Asking for a grant for a for-profit venture doesn't benefit the community directly.

Anon 1) Ahh.. the old "Reinventing the Wheel" dialogue. I agree partially with you, but on the contradictory, suppose if you have visited a actual Tyre company's R&D dept, you would see nothing but concept art of wheels i.e, they are constantly reinventing it from scratch. In real world, both side of things happen. Software is written from scratch as well as from previously constructed stepping stones. I feel it is totally uncalled for, to discourage a fresh approach to things.

Secondly, I would advise you to not measure my experience in quantity (2years) but to rather judge based on the end result & quality.

Anon 2) Have you read carefully? Cause I have written it clearly, that it would be released under a public license, which obviously means that it would be FREE (its even mentioned that I may go with a copy-left license, which is as open as it gets)

I tried to get the js code from git but it is obfuscated to the point I can't read it. How do I get the support code so I can see what it says.

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