Grant Proposal: Improving the Robustness of Unicode Support in Rakudo on MoarVM

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Yes, yes and yes!

We've already seen some amazing unicode-related work done by samcv, and we definitely need more of this stuff.

+1 from me. samcv++ already done a ton of fixes, additions, and massive speed improvements with strings and Unicode stuff.

We want to keep 'em coming.

+1, thanks for working on better Unicode Support.

If anyone can get this done and done well, it's Samantha. She's already been hard at work making progress on the Unicode front. The changes proposed in this grant only make Unicode support in PerlĀ 6 that much better.


+1 This is would be great. The internal support of the abstract and high level properties and UTF-8 encoding is pretty dang good, but it would be great to have all the other Unicode goodies and low level bits and bobs.

+1, it's work that needs to be done and Samantha has proven she can do it.

I agree wholeheartedly, samcv has already contributed real good stuff and what i've seen of her plans for the future looks good, too. +1

Extensive Unicode support is one of the unique selling points of Perl 6, currently challenged only by Swift. If we want to keep this competitive advantage, we need to stay on the ball and get what we have to be reliable and performant.

Samantha has already done great work and shown a deep understanding of the issues involved and the tenaciousness to see it through.

A definite +1

+1, unicode is one of the biggest reasons I use perl 6

Definite +1 from me. Strong Unicode support is, as others have mentioned, one of Perl 6's selling points, so this is a strategic thing to be funding. Samantha is absolutely the right person to fund to work on this; she has done excellent work so far on improving the state of Perl 6's Unicode support, both in terms of features and performance.

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