Grant Extension Request: Perl 6 Performance and Reliability Engineering (Jonathan Worthington)

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By all means. His work is really carrying Perl 6 forward.

During the last two years (2017/2018) I had the opportunity to work with Jonathan on several Perl6 projects. Among other contributions Jonathan's deep understanding of performance and concurrency issues were invaluable to make their use in production feasible. Just as an example, Jonathan was able to make a INSERT benchmark into a SQLite database with DBIish about a factor of 6 faster (not paid for by this grant, but out of our project). While those improvements probably were rather low hanging fruits for somebody with Jonathan's understanding, the ongoing work within this grant made MoarVM continuously faster over the last year, not only measured with (artifical) benchmarks, but also with our real-world applications.

The above mentioned Perl6/DBIish benchmark is now "only" about 20 times slower than the same benchmark with Perl5/DBI, but there is obviously still some way to go. With this particular example now needing work on the guts of MoarVM/Perl6 which will thus improve the overall performance for everybody.

We'll be happy to both continue to provide Jonathan with access to real-world benchmarks and to sponsor his work within our projects.

The hourly rate asked for is a bargain when taking into account Jonathan's efficiency, knowledge, and continously high performance in delivering high-quality code. If changing anything, I'd increase the size of the grant to reduce the administrative overhead for everybody involved.

Please approve this.

Jonathan has been doing absolutely outstanding work on the whole Perl 6 ecosystem, and has on the side always been friendly, and supportive to other contributors.

The proposed list with things Jonathan wants to work on is amazing and contains a lot of stuff that people want for a long time now. It would be great if he indeed be able to decrease the startup time and improve the compile time. Jonathan always delivers excellent work, so I'd like to see this grant granted.

I strongly support Jonathan being granted this extension to continue improving Perl 6.


++ Not only are Jonathan's contributions clearly needed, but his blogging about his grant work is enjoyable to read and a great PR boost to Perl6.

+1 .. please ensure Jonathan is able to continue his work on Perl 6 and all the underlying layers.

The proposed increase is more than fair and still well below the rates for someone of Jonathan's skill level.

Developers of Jonathan's "100x" skill and experience levels are routinely paid $300-500/hour by very large companies. This is a very good bargain.


Jonathan has made fantastic progress with performance of Perl 6 and this grant will allow him to continue the good work.

The quality and benefit of Jonathan's work has been consistently fantastic for as long as I can remember. I'm +1 on extending the grant as well as raising the rate.

+1, has past work has been fantastic and I eagerly await his attention turned to startup and compile times!

Please approve this grant. Jonathan did a tremendous work on Perl 6 core in the pas. To make it possible that he can spend his further time on the tasks will bring the language forward.

Please continue to support Jonathan's amazing work!

+ 1

Strong +1 from me

Not only would I very much like to see this grant approved, I personally donated to the Perl 6 Core Development Fund to help fund it. As others have said, with Jonathan's deep skills, high work output, and reliably impactful improvements, his hourly rate is a huge bargain.

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