Grant Extension Request: Perl 6 Performance and Reliability Engineering (Jonathan Worthington)

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Jonathan's work has once again be of very high quality. I'm fully +1 on extending the grant.

+1, his previous work was fantastic and I eagerly await what's to come.

Performance is still a critical issue for production use of Perl6.
The recent improvements implemented by Jonathan are impressive and his report and application show more to come.
His blog posts and presentations also show a lot of details of what he did and plans to do and hopefully help others to also be able to contribute.
If I could I would vote for doubling his grant to save on bureaucratic overhead.

The recent Perl user survey has clearly shown that improved performance is the #1 feature Perl 6 users desire.

Johnathan has proved time and again that he delivers exactly that. He knows and understands the big picture like no other and these grants allow for him to tackle the architectural work necessary to unlock more performance improvements. By now, the decision is pretty much a no-brainer.

Jonathan's work has always been outstanding, and we need all the performance we can get. So a big +1 for me.

It looks straightforward to me. Perl 6 needs better performance and Jonathan is the person with the necessary knowledge and work ethics to deliver. Big +1.

+1 Most suitable candidate for the job.

Yes, +1. I'm happy with jnthn's work.

I'd have to agree with Fritz's final comment. jnthn's grant work has been the most consistent, most valuable, deepest work we have, time and time again -- and for a while now every one of his grant proposals has met with resounding support from the community.

I'm *very much +1* on this request, but dang, can we just do bigger grants for him in the future and not waste as much repeated time on comment and waiting periods and such?

Love to read jnthn's grant reports.
He should start a class on Udemy on compiler development.
If not just do a Kickstarter. I'm in.

This extension has been approved.

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