Grant Extension Request: Perl 6 Performance and Reliability Engineering (Jonathan Worthington)

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People using Rakudo can testify on how Rakudo has progressed the last year. Much of this progress is fuelled by the work of Jonathan.

Performance, imho, is an area where improvements are needed to allow Rakudo to grow its userbase and thrive. Jonathan's work is essential in this endeavour.

Jonathan’s exellent work is evidenced by regular, measurable improvements in the performance of Rakudo Perl 6, his willingness to freely share his deep knowledge, and his dedication and contributions to all aspects of the Perl community.

I support his proposal and vote for its approval.

+1 This is a no-brainer. jnthn++ has expert knowledge of the codebase and has delivered solid results in the past.

Jonathan's work is outstanding, and the main driver behind most of the performance improvements and concurrency work.

I fully support this request.

Jonathan has consistently, grant after grant, proven his ability to make deep, substantive improvements throughout the entire stack and deliver excellent value on each grant. I strongly support this grant extension; in fact I donated to the Perl 6 Core Development Fund myself in the last month in expectation of (and to help fund) Jonathan's extension request.


Jonathan did a great work, I hope there will be more performance improvement.

BTW: I wonder what's the plan for AA and EA optimization. :)

+1. His previous work has been exemplary and what he proposes sounds just as good.

As always I am very happy to hear that jnthn is intending to continue his work. His contributions are one of the main driving forces for rakudo development, so I am hoping the proposal will be accepted.


As a Perl 6 early adopter I appreciate the continual improvement in speed and performance - many of which are down to Jonathan's excellent contributions.

jnth++ for the win.

I strongly +1 this proposal. The quality of Jonathan's work has remained at a constant high during all the grants and I'm really looking forward to the performance improvements outlined in the proposal as well as any reliability enhancements that usually accompany them.

+1. Jonathan is a great ambassador for Perl, gives clever and uplifting presentations, and makes the world a cheerier place. Not to mention the stream of code he produces!

I'm totally in favour of extending the grant. Even if it were only the "drive by" fixes and improvements there would be enormous benefit :)

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