Grant Extension Request: Perl 6 Performance and Reliability Engineering

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A big +1

jnthn++'s past work produced a very tangible benefit to the Perl 6 compiler and we want more of it.

+1, definitely!

As always, Jonathan's work is among the best possible places to invest Perl 6 funds. He consistently produces a high volume of core fixes and improvements that very few if any other developers on the core team could manage -- certainly not as fast as he does.

I strongly support granting this extension request.

+1, jnthn++ did a great work already.

jnthn++ has done a ton of great work optimizing the compiler, definite +1


jnthn is capable of tracking down and fixing the gnarliest bugs, and of sniffing out one performance optimization opportunity after the next. I've heard of a few things that are planned for the near future and I can say I'm already excited!

Absolutely +1

+1 of course.

jnthn had demonstrated repeatedly his ability to have incredible impact on reliability and performance.

He makes it possible to give Perl 6 the credibility to convince clients to accept product written in it.

ditto +1

Not only does Jonathan do excellent work that results in Perl 6 real-world performance improvement, he explains it so us mere mortals get a good feel for how he did it!

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