Grant Extension Request: Maintaining the Perl 5 Core (Tony Cook)

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Any amount of Tony's time that we can afford, I'm certain is a sure win for the Perl language and its users.

Tony is professional and his work is stellar and high quality. He works on nasty bugs, on security issues, on anything that needs his help, regardless of the "wow" or "fun" factor in it. Tony can delve into the difficult, tricky, frustrating bits and put his patience and concentration as necessary.

He also balances concerns and knows how to avoid sidetracking, finding a good compromise. Additionally, he communicates openly and is transparent about his work, his thought process, and the results of his work.

Yes, please. Tony's work is essential to keeping Perl 5 running. He wrangles a great many bugs, including many security-related things, and he writes a lot of tests to validate his fixes.

I could not agree more strongly that Tony's work is hugely beneficial and of enormous value.

Please extend this grant.

Me too

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