Grant Extension Request: Maintaining the Perl 5 Core

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++ - demerphq

Dave's work on Perl 5 continues to be excellent. I think we should continue funding that work for as long as he's willing to do it.


"Why hasn't anybody endorsed Dave M.'s grant extension yet," somebody asked me.

"Because everyone probably assumes it's obviously a good use of funds that will go forward," I replied.

I hope this is renewed. Dave M.'s work has been a big deal.

I consider Dave's work invaluable and critical to the successful continued maintenance and development of Perl 5.


To me this is the most important grant of the whole foundation. :)


Dave's work is invaluable! +1

+1 Dave is doing very important work.


Dave's work is absolutely essential to moving the Perl 5 core forward. Can we give him a raise already? I think he's been working at the same (low) rate for quite a few years now.

+1, he's doing excellent work

Perl Weekly today was the first I've heard about this request.

I agree with Aaron. This grant should keep getting extended as long as Dave is willing to work on the Perl core. It should be a no-brainer.

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