Grant Extension Request - Improving Perl 5

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Yes please. The improvement on perl are important, and the grant reports give a great inside view on what Perl core work consists in.

Nicholas has been doing great work so far on his grant, and I trust him to continue to do so.

A definite +1 for this extension from me.

I think that Nicholas has proven the value of this grant over the last year and I would recommend funding the extension. We should probably keep funding it as long as there is gold in the coffers and Nicholas is willing to keep working on it.


NIcholas is doing good work that is probably not high on a volunteer's list, and his writeups showing the research are illuminating.


I support this grant because I'm convinced it is important that someone maintain both the breadth and depth of understanding of the parts of Perl which Nicholas addresses.

So, as Paul says above, keep the funding going.

Yes please.

The grants on improving the perl core work very very well, with visible improvements to the quality of the software.


+1 again. Good things will come from this if granted. Especially important is the focus on helping other people help perl.

Thank God there is someone like Nicholas to do these things. I sure as hell don't want to do it. :-) Let's let him keep on keeping on ...

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