2006 3rd Quarter Vote Results

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I, for one, am extremely happy regarding the Mango application. Looking forward to it :-)

I must say I'm really really happy about the Mango grant.

I've had any number of people ask me about a "shopping cart" in Perl over the years, and I've never had anything good to recommend.

With Catalyst as the "Web MVC + CPAN" solution, that can integrate with all sorts of things, and Handel as a proper abstraction for the business logic, I've been really looking forward to combining the two together to produce a really nice extendable eCommerce solution.


I'm extremely happy with the Mango project, and I totally approve this grant.

Though a good free, Perl-based web commerce application already exists (Interchange)

something based on Catalyst, DBIx::Class and Handel, can ultimately prove to be more flexible.

Furthermore, the more Perl applications we have the better it is to publicize Perl, being the web commerce such an important market field.

Emanuele Zeppieri.

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