Grant Application: Improving Cross compilation of Perl 5

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Thank you, Jess, for this grant application. For what it's worth, I'd fully support it.


Sounds like a great project to increase perl support for awkward embedded environments, of which there are many. Even if you have a full Linux install, you can be way short of ram to compile with optimization.

This sounds great -- but I think this task should rather be performed by Dave Cross!

At this time cross-compiling perl is painful, so much that we prefer to compile it directly on a veeerrrryyyyy slooooooow virtual host...

So YES, perl need to be cross-compiled, because of course perl can run in embedded systems, it is very stable and its memory consumption is quite reasonable, even if it could be better... Another specific grant perhaps? :)

Perl has languished in this area for many years and it would be nice to finally get proper cross compilation support. Jess has already worked in this area and I would be pleased to see her given the opportunity to put some serious effort into the problem.

Given that Perl 5 has had broken cross compilation support for years, this looks like one of those thankless, awkward tasks that enthusiastic volunteers shy away from fixing. I welcome TPF funding such work.

Many operating systems use Perl as a core component on various hardware platforms. Supporting the cross compilation of Perl has clear benefits to these users.

Finally, although I don't know Jess very well, she strikes me as someone who will do a good job of this task.

I fully endorse this grant application.

I'm very keen to see this work happen. There's the obvious direct benefit of providing Perl on Android, which is turning into a very popular platform, hence somewhere that it would be good for Perl to be represented on. The proposal also addresses a longer term problem - cross compiling is a fairly frequently requested feature, but each time the desire is to build for a different embedded target platform. Automating much of the process of cross compiling to small embedded systems would give us a more generic system which is future proof (as far as that is possible) for whichever of the many possible OS & CPU combinations we're yet to be asked about. Finally, having a known working system, and confidence about which platforms and classes of platforms it will support will allow us to clean up code related to previous attempts at implementing cross compiling which targets those same platforms, without fear of accidentally eliminating the functionality.

I think that Jess is an excellent candidate. She has already demonstrated both the ability and the desire to get Perl running on Android by getting perl 5.15.1 cross compiling to it on an older toolchain. I think she's the right person to fund to deliver the goals of the grant, and thereby get us to working and maintainable *nix cross compiling.

Perl for Android is what I'm waiting for. Good luck to you Jess!

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