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Yes please, this sounds great!

yes please! sounds like a very sensible approach to the problem

I'm highly in favor of funding this grant.

Jonathan has demonstrated countless times that he can deliver high-quality software in the Rakudo compiler and underlying VM, and that his design ideas tend to work out very well.

I also think that a higher-level AST as we have now both helps in terms of performance (because it offers more data for optimization passes to work with) and with advancing macros.

The arguments for ReakuAST both in the grant application and in the video/slides provided are very convincing. Who else if not Jonathan will be able to provide a well designed and implemented solution. The requested funds sound like a bargain.

This feels like a natural next step and a great way of smoothing out the waterbed of complexity between the various layers and internal representations within the Raku 'stack'.

jnthn++ has contributed at all levels of the Raku architecture and he is uniquely qualified to balance all the design dimensions needed to successfully deliver this.

I'm excited about macro support. I'm also keen to see how the changes can help Raku's speed and memory performance. This work will lay the foundation for these improvements.


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Everything about this grant proposal sounds extremely uplifting. I can already see potential uses for RakuAST from language user's perspective (after all, nowadays I find myself spending more time using Raku than working on Raku itself). If RakuAST gets us closer to working macros then this work is truly invaluable. For some context, Rakudo Star announcements until 2019.03 used to say that “advanced macros” are not quite there yet and will appear in upcoming releases. This was indeed one of the big promises a lot of people were looking forward to. However, the work on macros was so stagnant that in the most recent announcements this mention was removed altogether. I'm happy to know that we will likely be able to get back on track by using RakuAST as one of the building blocks. As for the potentially improved and silghtly revamped Rakudo architecture, that would be great, although I'm a bit worried that this work will add another layer. That said, nowadays we have a lot of opportunities for noticing performance/memory regressions, so I'm sure it'll be possible to hold this work to high standards. And above all I'm extremely happy that it's jnthn out of all who is willing to make this all happen, as I have no doubt that they will be able to get RakuAST project to completion and in the best way possible. I hope this grant proposal is accepted.

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