Embeding Perl into C++ Applications - Update Report

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As far as Regexp support goes: If the m// and s/// C intrfaces are buggy, have you filed bug reports? Or maybe even tried to fix them? A better C API would benefit a lot of people (including myself). I'm sure patches could go in for 5.14 and considering that the pace of releases has picked up, 5.14 is not *that* far away.
If you have code that needs review before going into core for 5.14, send me email about it.

The main problem is rather simple: the API (see perlreapi) is so low level that it's barely usable. I ended up importing pp_match and pp_subst into the project and adapting that to my needs, but that turns out to be rather problematic. I also considered calling them directly, but they make too many assumptions about their environment (specially about the PMOP they're attached to).

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