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I've known Dave for a long time, had several meals with him, and talked extensively about non-profits and advocacy institutions. His resumé excludes the particular(non-technical) advocacy organization that he's been involved with for years so I won't disclose that. But, it's a controversial subject that most people aren't disposed to support. He is able to speak eloquently and succinctly about it in a way where I can understand his view without the usual rancor most people expect from the conversation. Raising money for that non-profit is a much harder task then I expect from any advocacy of The Perl Foundation.

Also, know that there are really just two duties of a board member on a US non-profit: review and approve executive compensation (not an issue here) and approve the budget (also not a huge issue here). Besides that legal duty, board members of non-profits are often assigned a "give-get" number: give or convince others to give that amount. I don't know how TPF handles that, but Dave has the reputation, work experience, and skill to handle some large numbers there. He correctly identifies that responsibility in his application.

I like Dave. I know he's done a lot for Perl and has a lot of experience in organizing events in and outside of the Perl community.

However, there's no mention of Perl 6 in his additional information. I find that disappointing. I think The Perl Foundation also has an obligation towards Perl 6. To appoint a board member that seems to ignore Perl 6, gives the wrong signal, in my opinion.

Dave Rolsky did a lot for Perl specially his useful modules which i am using on production and he is the best candidate for this position .

i hope if there are addional room for raise funding Perl projects which can cover the gap with different python libraries which missing on Perl like sklearn ,tenserflow or not updated long time .

i have suggestion that Perl foundation should identify such critical projects and suggest them as ideas for their grants .

I disagree. Not everyone on the TPF has to be gung-ho on Perl 6. Dave has stated what his focus is on in his comments and his focus is good, in my opinion. I don't think it gives any kind of "signal" at all.

He has, as you have said, done a lot for the Perl community. I see zero reasons not to put him on the board.

Just to clarify brian's comments, the "controversial" non-profit he references is Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA). I am a co-founder of the organization and I was a long-time board member until I retired from volunteering there at the end of 2017.

CAA's mission statement is: "Compassionate Action for Animals encourages people to cultivate empathy for animals and move toward a plant-based diet."

I don't think this is actually all that controversial. While most people in US (or anywhere else) aren't vegan, surveys consistently show broad majority support for animal welfare causes, and our approach at CAA was (and still is) definitely on the softer side of the animal rights movement.

Not everyone on the TPF has to be gung-ho on Perl 6
So you are implying that every current member of the board is gung-ho about Perl 6? I think quite a few board members would not find themselves in that description. Remember:

I think most board members are remaining neutral as to which version of Perl they prefer. Which is why I mentioned the lack of vision about Perl 6 in Dave's comments.

I'm in favour. Dave's energy will be a useful contribution.

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