Clarification on 2019 Perl Conference SoC Incident

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Pursuant to

Can you please clarify how TPF's response is in line with its stated policy as follows:

"Presentations or similar events should not be stopped for one-time gaffes or minor problems, although an event organizer or a volunteer should speak to the presenter afterward. However, organizers and volunteers should take immediate action to politely and calmly stop any presentation or event that repeatedly or seriously violates the anti-harassment policy. For example, simply say "I’m sorry, this presentation cannot be continued at the present time" and provide no further explanation."

Further, could you elaborate on how subsequent action in denying speaking roles is in line with the "general guidelines" quoted below:


An event participant may be expelled by the decision of SoC Event Committee for whatever reasons they deem sufficient. However, here are some general guidelines for when a participant should be expelled:

A second offense resulting in a warning.
Continuing to harass after any “no” or “stop” instruction.
A pattern of harassing behavior with or without warnings.
A single serious offense, e.g., groping someone or a physical assault.
A single obviously intentional and extreme offense."

It seems that TPF has failed to follow its own policy guidelines.

Can people trust TPF if the SoC isn't applied as written?

Hi Perler,

As discussed here [1], we have reviewed this matter and we will make further analysis. We will incorporate the points you mentioned in the analysis. Thank you.


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