Call For Grant Proposals (November 2015 Round)

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Hi, I'm Alexis, the author of Perl Dancer .

We started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the writing/publishing costs of the first PerlDancer book.

We aim to reach 15K, to buy the author some time for focusing on the book, and to cover the publishing cost of 500 copies.

We'd like to know if the Perl Foundation would be able to back us on the project as well.

The KickStarter campaign is there:

Note that if it's impossible to credit money on Kickstarter, we could discuss other options, I'm open.

I just wanted to know if TPF is able to help us here, as our project clearly promotes the Perl language.

Thanks for considering that.

Hi Alexis,

Congratulations on your Kickstarter progress so far!

Will TPF credit money on Kickstarter - the problem is that the grant is paid upon completion, not upfront, so it won't fit in the traditional grant process. If you think we should still explore this route, get in touch with me offline and I'll see what we can do - note that exceptions to the process require 2/3 of the committee agreement.

Or, another option is just to get TPF help outside of Kickstarter by giving us a grant proposal. As you know, RPerl project is hybrid of Kickstarter and TPF grant (in their case, the author promises that the funds from KS and TPF are used on different components of the project).

Just a minor correction: There is already a Perl Dancer book I've published

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