Marketing Strategy for the Next Two Years

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I hate to be a PITA, but in addition to all this soft stuff, can we make it priority 1, no, sorry priority 0, to FIX BLOGS.PERL.ORG? I am trying re rebut two complaints about The Perl Challenge and the simple act of posting a reply fails to work. Repeated "submits' are ignored, or incorrectly rejected for not being logged in when I AM logged in. Marketing is good. Functionality is WAY more important. Sorry to hijack the post, but my frustration level is at an all time high with that site.

Therein lies the problem...

As far as I can tell, is a separate entity from the Perl Foundation. Even some of the sub-sites may be distinct entities. If you will note, does not have the same look as, so may be separate from it. It would be like asking for fixes to or here. I do not think the Perl Foundation has much, if any, control over how those sites operate.

So asking for fixes to another independent site here will probably do nothing. I am sure there are avenues on one can go through to get something fixed.

I have found the issues page for the repository here:

matthewpersico: There is an infrastructure team and I know that the issue with Blogs.Perl is an issue that is being worked on, but I have no further info at this point. Hopefully someone in TPF can give more insight.

The list of resources that can/will be approved and used by the Foundation on behalf of the community and the brands is being drawn up, and if you look at the longer plan you can see we feel it is essential to capture a similar look and feel across approved resources and produce style and usage guides for brands and products (in association with the project/brand leaders and committees). Thanks for the questions hope that answers some of your queries.

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