2012Q3 Grant Proposal: Improve WriteAt suite by exporting books to pdf and epub formats

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http://www.perlybook.org/ does something similar - at least it already does epub and mobi formats - for POD rather than POD6

It would be interesting to know how much is written in Perl6::POD format already - e.g. what the short/medium term value of this project is?

I'd like to know how POD6 compares against PseudoPod: https://metacpan.org/release/Pod-PseudoPod , which was used for the book Modern Perl and for other books. Furthermore, would it be possible to implement a converter from POD6 to DocBook/XML ? Otherwise, this grant sounds pretty good.

I don't think we should fund any project this young. Not only is the long term value of this project rather uncertain, the viability in the first place isn't proven, and the author is an unknown to the community. This does not sound like that much of a good idea.

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