2011Q4 Grant Proposal: Turkish Localization of the 5.14.1 Perl Documentation

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Localizing the docs is great, but $10k is way more than a typical grant. I'd much rather see that money spent on the core maint fund.

The other issue with translation is whether the translator has any plans to maintain the docs after the initial translation. It seems like translations can get out of date very quickly.

Thanks for pointing this up, Dave. Accordingly with Grant Committee rule of operation, this grant cannot be funded. Will keep this post here, but will warn the author.

Independent of cost and affordability, the biggest problem I see with any translation is that the original language version is not static.

However useful the translation when initially made, without a plan for how to keep it up to date (and necessary resources to implement same), there's only one guarantee - it's going to become increasingly inaccurate, eventually to the point of being more harm than good.

A grant application that addresses the problem of keeping current would be interesting. A grant application that ignores this problem is not.

I would say that maintaining the document would not be hard at all, because once a translator provides the initial translation using a professional CAT tool and has a TM (translation memory) for the initial document, it is simply a matter of running any updated version of the document through that TM. Parts that have been updated are simply modified/translated accordingly and added to the TM.

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