2010Q3 Grant Proposal: YAC (YACCMS (Yet Another Catalyst CMS)))

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This seems to be a grant to write a new, important piece of software in a problem domain that is will understood and well-populated. I think that in general, these kinds of grants are a bad idea.

With so much competition, a project like this needs to be very good, needs to attract many users, needs to compete on many fronts, and probably needs a lot of luck, too. I think TPF would do well to, in general, reserve funding for projects that have already established a foothold and user base.

I think it would be important to have a Perl based CMS comparable to Drupal in wealth and success but I don't think one that is called "Yet Another..." can do that.
I think in order to even try to get close to such success one needs to start looking at the business need and solve that - and not our need to have a Perl based CMS.

In any case I would recommend funding such project only at some later stage, when we see that a large part of the applications is already working and that it managed to attract a developer community.

Perl already has some awesome open source CMS implementations -- WebGUI comes to mind first because its founder is a friend. While not Catalyst-based, I think it would be more useful and lower risk to the community to advance the existing solutions than invent new ones from scratch that (by definition) have zero mindshare.

Adding another entry into a flooded market does not seem like the best use of the TPF's money.

I echo Gabor and Ricardo, I don't think it is wise to fund a project in such an early stage, even though I do like its goals.

What Gabor said!

If the premise is reinvent Drupal, but simpler and for Perl, then I think we already have contenders that contain most of the major necessary pieces. Why not propose to work with one of the existing systems to modify them in ways that are more in line with this proposal's philosophy?

Thank you!

The YAC project is realy at early stage and the concepts changed in this first debut in monks community. The Drupal's concept can be more developed to be more simple.

We will grow the ideas and code and in next stage will use the possible grant to advertise the new CMS.


Thank you.

The YAC begins. The concepts are changing!
It's life. Alive!

Please folow:

We accept ideas!

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