2010Q3 Grant Proposal: Manual for Game Development with SDL Perl

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Being able to use Perl to write SDL programs -- and especially, I think, games -- would be a great thing. SDL Perl seems to be making a significant comeback in terms of working and being actively maintained. One of the best ways it can stay working and maintained is for a user base to grow around it. Better documentation will help that happen.

I think this documentation could be a very useful project.

kthakore has been demonstrating his ability to write fantastic articles on SDL Perl via his Yet Another Perl Game Hacker blog (http://yapgh.blogspot.com).

This grant sounds awesome.

I am neither a gamer nor a game developer. But the proposal's thrust is clear to me and I know that the author has been working persistently in this area for at least the last twelve months. So this merits consideration for funding.

I think both this grant an in more general the SDL development should be funded as having a string game development framework in Perl can help introduce the language to a lot of people.

Kartik Thakore has been working on this for quite some time and showing nice progress. (and taking away some of the best developers from Padre).

Helping to improve the game development scene on Perl would help Perl appeal to a larger audience. This grant is a great idea.

Kartik's already done an amazing effort in fully revitalizing the SDL Perl project for the past year. That alone is worth way more than what he's asking for. Nevertheless, this grant looks like a natural next step to SDL Perl and I truly believe it is an awesome thing to have for the entire Perl community.

Having a "lighter" side of Perl shows that the language does cross many of the preconceived notions of perl as an administrators language.

Casual gaming is proving itself to be a huge area of interest given the iPhone, playstation network and xbox live downloads - why not a CPAN equivalent??.

The SDL tutorial - as with many cookbooks/tutorials will go a long way in getting people started in areas where they have no experience and struggle to know where to get started.

I think all the submissions have merit, but I like this one most, given I just installed the SDL modules and have no idea where to start. I also believe it will reach out to a new audience, always a good thing.

The appeal of games to the younger audience that hasn't been fed the typical myths about perl is definitely beneficial for the language and the community as a whole. A project like this one needs to be sustained by a healthy body of contributors, and the first step towards that is to provide well-crafted introductory documentation.
Kartik has been very active and dedicated to this project and I believe both him and the project to be well-deserving of the grant.

I think this is a great idea. I know of High School classes that teach other languages through game programming. This would be an opportunity to get Perl on that list.

I would also suggest tailoring and submitting a tutorial or two to a couple of magazines.

Being a contributor in the SDL perl project I should say that this grant is absolutely necessary. I presented a talk at a game conference last week and people were motly impressed by how easy it is to build games in Perl, more documentation is trully needed.

Nice. I think the future of "perl marketing" will come less from "the perl community" and more from other communities that happen to use perl to accomplish something useful. Writing a manual that enables game developers to ramp up in perl can only help spread perl to more places.

Even though I'm not a game developer, I'd be happy to see this proposal funded. (Who knows ... maybe because of it being funded I might *become* a game developer :-)

Peter Lavender If you are itching to get started have a look at examples/* and talk to us on the sdl-devel@perl.org or #sdl irc.perl.org.

I have previously advised Kartik on his SDL rebooting project (specifically CPANification and the like).

While I would have prefered to see this grant being more ambitious and pushing more towards a full "PerlGame" project, I support this grant as a necesary step.

I'm not a game developer, but I know that the documentation would be done, and done well.

thumbs up for this grant. kartik worked hard on perl SDL revival, and i hope this grant will help raise awareness around this.

I've been interested in game development and perl independently for a while, but the friends I work with have told me that it's too difficult for them to get started with the documentation already available. I think that creating accessible tutorials and documentation is a much-needed step here.


I have previous experience with perl and with sdl, but not together. The SDL that I did was with C++ and there's a lots of workin tutorials for that, however with sdl-perl it is simply impossible to get started.

I would really like to develop a game with sdl-perl.

even the simple stuff (for total newbies) would be nice.
-this is how to load image
-this is how to load multiple images
-this is how to move the image(s)
-do's and don't's

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