2010Q3 Grant Proposal: Improve Parrot Embed/Extend Subsystem Tests and Documentation

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I'm not familiar with the Parrot documentation and test suite, but this sounds like a good idea. One of the really strong points that the Perl community has right now is the prevalence of testing that we've developed over the years. It would be good to continue this.

I'd certainly like to see this work done.

I'd just add that it would be good to have a discussion to review the current API design before it gets 'pinned down' by docs and tests. That could be done while waiting for grant approval.

I'm in favor of any attempt to improve existing Parrot documentation. My question is sort of vague and hand-wavey. Sorry about that.

I respect the desire to wait for the dust to settle on the current API design. At the same time, an API design review could take a while and documentation is needed soon. If you implemented the documentation now, how could you minimize the impact of underlying code changes on your work?

Tim: Thanks for your encouragement. I have sent this proposal to parrot-dev and will ask if any changes in the current API design are planned.

The latest version of this proposal can be found at:


As a side note I would like to say that my feeling about funding a parrot grant, now with the Parrot Foundation, is exactly the same as before it getting alive. Parrot can be used to implement another programming languages, but it is still a Perl community project, and Parrot developers are working closely with Rakudo developers on getting Perl 6 into existence.

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