2009Q3 Grant Proposal: Enhancing CPANHQ

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Sounds like a really good idea, but your proposal doesn't answer the problem that is proposed "The current CPAN interfaces - http://search.cpan.org/ , kobesearch, and the rest of the CPAN services that various individuals have set up - are not integrated, are not based on enough meta-data, are not enough community-driven and are generally lacking."

How will CPANHQ address those challenges? After a cursory review, it looks like Yet Another CPAN Search Interface.

Is there not an opportunity to build on the efforts of search.cpan.org and kobesearch rather than introducing another site into the mix?


I personally have had difficulties in finding the `right' modules using http://search.cpan.org.

After reading the points listed at http://wiki.github.com/bricas/cpanhq, it is certain that CPANHQ will bridge the gap between programmer and CPAN. "User-contributed labels/tags" is a great plus! After all, AI cannot simulate human judgement.

http://cpanhq.org/ looks attractive as well. That would certainly increase interest in CPAN and Perl.

I support this project.

While I think improvements to CPANHQ are neat I think that if the Perl Foundation wants to support the user interface to CPAN it could best do so in the short term by prodding the search.cpan.org author to release the source to that site.

A lot of people apparently want to make relatively small changes to search.cpan.org, but the only way they can do so is by rewriting the whole thing from scratch with projects like CPANHQ or kobesearch.

Obviously CPANHQ is aiming for something slightly different so this isn't really pertinent to this proposal directly. But it is pertinent to TPF spending money in this area.

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