2009Q2 Grant Proposal: Project ruddy (web nttp/rss reader and email system)

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We already have lots of webmail systems, so I'm not sure this adds much value to the perl community.

Also, why would you write a perl webmail system and assign copyright to the Parrot foundation?

I have been a Parrot 'cage cleaner' for over two years. The applicant(s) claims also to be a Parrot 'cage cleaner', but I do not recognize the name. There is someone who signs his name as 'Igor' but he only submits nuisance tickets.


There are excelent email systems, but I,ve noticed that they use templates(a language), they don,t use the strengths of xhtml, css, and javascript(dynamic html)that encapsulates "jquery".

The idea is to build a content management system, I searched in internet and a didn't find a robust one(made with perl having a licence like the artistic licence), like joomla that is built in php and is sensational for building commercial aplications.

Is intended that this two projects ruddy and nival convert in pluggins for the cms after several versions.

Yes, I like more to learn about parrot instead of making tikets, my name is Igor and I have an alias that is quevlar(is my second email).

I said that I'm a cage cleaner because is the only form I have to the community knows me and know that I'm not going to run with the grant.

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