2009Q1 Grant Proposal: Perl 6 Pages

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I think making it easier for people to learn perl 6 will make the transition from perl 5 to perl 6 go smoother. I like it.

While I agree that more documentation about Perl 6 is a good thing, I think I'd rather see this as something added to existing Perl 6 documentation rather than yet-another-document for P6 that will fall into disrepair. Attaching to something else will increase the chances of it being a round longer.

mpeters: I'm over 3 years in the p6doc buisness and also own this module on cpan. i also write another complete tutorial since 2 years for foo. so I'v already proven that this will stay and finished even if it may take time.

I think perldoc is a fantastic perl documenting site, maybe it needs a forum like


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