2009Q1 Grant Proposal: Inline C++/CLI

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I affirm this project proposal as an important one for Perl's interop and bindings landscape.

If Perl doesn't have an easy way for developers to use .Net code on Windows it will be left behind on that platform. So +1 from me for this project.

The functionality already exists in the ActiveState Perl Dev Kit: The PerlNET component allows you not only to call .NET code from Perl, but you can also implement a .NET class in Perl, or even write a Perl class that inherits from a .NET class. The PerlNET Overview shows a list of its functionality.

PerlNET is however proprietary commercial software.

Disclaimer: I work for ActiveState and wrote large parts of PerlNET. I'm arguing neither for nor against the proposal, just wanted to point out to the other commenters that Perl has not been left behind in interoperating with the .NET platform.

Oops, forgot to mention, there is also Win32::CLR on CPAN, which seems to have some overlap with this proposal. Win32::CLR is licensed under the same terms as Perl.

Perl is not designed to work with c++.

We don't need a perl NET.api.

We use ansi c (not Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition).

I don't know what is CPP/CLI, but is c++.

We don't use dll's we use so libraries

We have to check licences very carefully.

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