2009Q1 Grant Proposal: Improving learn.perl.org

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I agree: learn.perl.org is hardly a disgrace, but it also not very enticing or skimmable. It would be nice to see something more attractive to casual visitors.

I think the website updates and making learn.perl.org more friendly and inviting are much more important than creating some new tutorials. So, I think I'd like to see some more time spent on the website. But otherwise this is good.

Yes, improving learn.perl.org would be great. Eric has a good track record in the Perl community, and I'd trust him to do a good job.

I can't add much to the existing comments (except to say that I'd welcome more and better tutorials), but +1 from me.

+1, I've discussed this several times with Eric and I feel very confident in his capabilities to deliver good content.

This is extremely important. I think the reason we hear so much "Perl is dead" talk, is because content is aged. All it takes for someone to look into another language is the publishing dates for the books and articles referenced by the community. Many of these are close to, if not already, ten years old. I think a lot of this content needs to be dusted off or replaced. New and frequent articles and discussions should be available to newcomers. Finally, all of this can be enhanced with a nice, modern presentation. Style and interface changes are certainly a good idea.

I should give reasons but "I agree".

This is an excellent idea. I'm very glad it got through :)

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