2009Q1 Grant Proposal: CPAN::Forum development

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Cpanforum is a great idea, but unfortunately so far it didn't take off.

The proposed enhancements are an opportunity to gain more attendance. Will it be enough to win over the competition (Google groups, others...) ? Hard to tell, but I think it's worth the challenge.

A very coherent explanation.

Clear and undestandable.

Only a sugestion, why not use jQuery? instead of
javascript, is a beautifull languaje with too many plugins an easy access to ajax.

I agree.

I don't recommend it, maybe could be a good idea to make a post here in this blog, explaining what means the artistic licence 2.0, and why almost code we use has to be or BSD licence or The artistic licence (1.0 and 2.0).

We can use public domain too like "curses".

In an ideal world the users would all subscribe to our project mail lists and do what we want (or, what suits us authors best). But of course that's not going to be the case!

I get a mix of RT, CPAN Forum, and direct Email contact in support of my modules, and the key point is that I am *glad* for this. It means all users can choose the method they are most comfortable with. There are many users who are very familiar with forums (phpbb etc) and naturally gravitate to that. I wouldn't wish to reject those users.

Sometimes I bounce Forum or personal Email into RT, which is fine. But the Forum is important, and *desperately* needs some work to make the interface smoother for all to use.

I vote my support for this proposal. Just now I nearly threw my keyboard through the window in frustration, trying to respond to a user query on the CPAN Forum. Please accept this proposal!

I'm not trying to make a discution here (I don't like it).

Please read the artistic licence (1.0 or 2.0) and go backwards.

I propose to keep the project, order some things that are not well explained in the blog(licencing), and later I will agree for this project to be implemented.

Maybe I`m thinking in parrot, surely that is the reason.

If in perl community is the usual way of mix opensource with gpl like licences then I agree with this proyect.

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