2009Q1 Grant Proposal: Awareness and Utilization of Perl in Nigeria: A Survey

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Well, TPF didn't provide $2,500 to fund a worldwide survey (with a better proposal, I think) it seems really hard to justify the same amount for a survey in just Nigeria.

Just in case, TPF did provide $2,500 to fund that grant.


Heh, I'm an idiot. But if we did fund the other survey, that's all the more reason not to fund this one.

Maybe the grant submitted could work with Kieren D to make sure the survey gets seen in Nigeria?

I agree with autarch, having a smaller grant that targets Nigeria with the original survey would be a much better bargain for TPF.

There is some merit in targeting Africa in a survey (i.e. improving international equity, and seeing if the needs and perceptions of perl programmers in developing countries are different to the developed world), and in terms of reaching hard to find groups, like the sample described in the proposal, it may be worthwhile for TPF to provide some additional funding to achieve this. Nigeria and South Africa would appear to be the most valuable parts of the African population to try harder to reach.

So I think that this proposal in a different form to integrate with what I'm doing would be useful. I think that any proposal to do this should be in the region of $200 to $500

Nothing to do with perl(open source, tcl, python, jquery, etc).

I'm sure perl foundation will be glad to support you depending on their possibilities, but this is not the indicated form(grants for working in projects).

Please send your, monetary support petition directly to the commite and don't forget send your email, and they will corroborate your data.

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