2008Q4 Grant Proposal: The Perl Survey

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Statistics are good. As programmers we talk a lot about measuring things (speed, complexity, etc) so that we are investing our resources and optimizations in the right place. Having better data on our community will help us to optimize it like we can optimize our code.

This is my favorite among the proposals.

This is my favourite too. In fact it's the only one that I would say obviously deserves funding.

I think TPF should fund more projects like this one - complementary to programming. There is no need to pay for programming - CPAN grows without it.

By the way when I try to login here via OpenID I get following error:

Undefined subroutine &Compress::Zlib::memGunzip called at /home/mt/MT/extlib/URI/Fetch.pm line 111.

This one the Mojo grant are my favorites.

Hi, grant submitter here.

This is the third time that this grant proposal has been around the block, so the schedule is slightly out of whack. I'm posting here to update it.

Since January is pretty quiet (Summer Holidays) time in Australia, I think I can get Stages 1-4 done in January 2009. Following from that, I would expect to run the survey again in February or March. As far as conference BoF sessions go, if I know the grant will be funded at the Open Source Developers Conference in Sydney (2nd-5th Dec 2008), I will run a session on the perl community there. Failing that I will run the session at the conference next year or any other earlier conference that I attend (possible but unlikely).

Yes, please let's have another go around with this!

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