2008Q4 Grant Proposal: Squatting On Everything

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Can the proposer please comment on whether the Mojo or HTTP::Engine projects have any bearing on this? That is, can Squatting be the backend for a another framework, or does the embedded app have to be written to the Squatting API?

If I've misunderstood and there is no relation, that's valuable information too.

Hi Chris,

Since HTTP::Engine and Mojo are both HTTP server abstractions, Squatting can be made to run on top of either of them. In fact, when I send in the revision to this proposal, Squatting::On::HTTP::Engine and Squatting::On::Mojo will be added to the list of deliverables.

PS: Squatting::On::CGI will be taken off the list, because I already implemented it, and Squatting::On::FastCGI will be taken off, because I think the Mojo and HTTP::Engine FastCGI implementations are already better than whatever I'd come up with.

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