2008Q4 Grant Proposal: Inline C++/CLI

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Will any of this work be recoverable for use in both of the more common ActiveState or Strawberry Win32 Perl distributions?

If so I support this grant.

Otherwise, it would seem to just contribute to additional balkanisation of the Win32 situation. In that case, it might still be worth it as a proof of concept, but I'm less sure it's good value for money.

I think bridging and interoperability with other languages is always valuable. However, as the proposer says, it isn't clear where the complexities hide in such a project. I would be more comfortable supporting this proposal in a future quarter if I could see a proof-of-concept first.

I have to agree with Adam that this project would be most worthwhile if it can be used with Strawberry and/or ActiveState Perl. I could foresee a specific use in the development of Perl-based data transformation components for use within SQL Server Integration Services.

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