2008Q3 Grant Proposal: Hotel Perl

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Full disclosure: I'm a member of the Grants Committee.

Concentrating only on the amount requested for the moment:

The original Call for Grant Proposals for this quarter specifically listed the range $500 to $3000.

According to google's currency converter, the requested amount for this proposal is approximately $4,650 at the moment.

I've recommended to the rest of the committee that we should be more explicit in future CFGP, and say "USD" to avoid any confusion.

See the note regarding grant funding amounts.


There are several existing services which could be adapted for this purpose. This service would only benefit a small group of people, and those people don't really have a problem finding space without the service.

I agree with the anonymous poster above me. It may be nice, but really not worth that much money.

Hi, Anonymous.

Could you please mention these services that could be adapted, and perhaps detail a bit more on how, exactly?

As for the "small group of people", it seems you're referring only the a small set of people traveling around the world (a group of which the size you may be underestimating) and forgetting about the benefits to the local communities from having these very same people come to their groups and give talks for free.

This year alone, the Perl community in Portugal has benefited a lot with talks from Jesse Vincent, David Fetter, Yuval Kogman, and Adam Kennedy (and we're still half way through the year).

Considering the dozens of people who have attended these talks, which would be way more regular with the existence of this project, I strongly disagree with your argument.

But hey, you might want to refute what I'm saying... Feel free to.

I question whether this site would actually get used.

Why couldn't we just use couchsurfing.com (for example) and agree to tag our profiles with a "Perl" keyword?

I question whether this site would actually get used.

It is true that one cannot predict how many people would actually end up using it, yes.

Why couldn't we just use couchsurfing.com (for example)

Because that would never happen.

I can speak for myself. I have absolutely no interest in using couchsurfing or anything like it.

However, if there was a website that I knew would just be used mostly by Perl Mongers (because you had to be invited in to join), I would definitely join.

I'd rather like to see TFP money go into the direction of Perl development not website development. It also seems somewhat expensive for me ($4600 for 12 days) considering the rates of other hackers. Sorry.

Sorry but I don't really see any benefit to this.

The objective of increasing the number of Perl Mongers who give talks at other groups is of course a good one.

However the benefit of this project seems to be based on an assumption that the reason people are not visiting other groups is because it's too difficult to find somewhere to stay.

But surely just emailing groups you would like to visit and asking if anyone has a spare room would have the same end result?

I don't see why having a website to structure this process is going to make any difference to the amount of people actually making trips.

Nice to have but I agree with FAGZAL - perl dev should be highest priority task.

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