2008Q3 Grant Proposal: CPAN Stability Project

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It would be nice to see Schwern finish his other grants before starting another one.

I'm deeply suspicious of anything that likely doesn't tie in with the PAUSE infrastructure:

"Should coordination with PAUSE not prove feasible, for whatever reason, or should it prove complex enough that it endangers holding up the project, the prototype indexer can be put into production independent of PAUSE. It would publish new indexes indepenently, but still remain in sync with PAUSE. Users and CPAN clients could use these independent indexes to talk with existing CPAN mirrors."

Duplicating that infrastructure isn't only going to be a lot of work for the developer but also a maintenance burden for administrators and -- worst of all -- PAUSE/CPAN users/authors.

I'd really want to hear from Andreas what he thinks about the feasibility of this and how much support he can and wants to give.

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