2008Q2 Grant Proposal - Test::Builder 2

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This is also crucial work to allow the average Perl user to take advantage of the significant advances made or coming-soon in TAP. Totally worth it.

Yes, yes,yes! I can't say how useful this will be for the advancement of Perl testing. And who better to do it than Schwern?

This particular project is perhaps my highest priority (though Perl-On-A-Stick is pretty awesome). I am repeatedly hit with issues surrounding Test::Builder. Several times I've had to monkeypatch it to get interesting things done and I've met quite a number of other people who do very large-scale testing who need the sort of fine-grained control you simply can't get with Test::Builder.

Additionally, to really get proper "enterprise support" for testing, the new features available in Test::Builder 2 are crucial.

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