2008Q2 Grant Proposal - Solidifying and Extending the Blog Normalize project

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I don't know, but is it possible that various blogging systems provide an api for importing posts? Either through Perl/PHP/whatever or via some kind of html interface?

I could imagine that for some systems there is more to be done for a new post than simply adding a single row to a database table. By doing that directly you might end up inserting data which doesn't make sense for the application or have missing parts.

I would have similar questions for exporting posts. How about categories? Multiple authors?

Perhaps instead of a Perl application what would be better is the definition of some kind of blog exchange format (maybe in xml, maybe an extension of RSS/Atom?) and a campaign to convince blog software authors to support it?

I agree with mlawren. Going into this project with only an ad-hoc plan for an interchange format is a recipe for failure. The import/export plugins are not the most important part. Instead, having a well-defined, well-researched intermediate format is the only way this project will be anything but a one- or two-off, IMHO.

It seems that this project would have only a minor impact on the community at large.

I studied both comments by

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and most appropriate is by Chris Dolan.
so that is why i could not write my own words.

Hank Freid

I agree with mlawren

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