2008Q2 Grant Proposal - Perl on a Stick

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I think this sounds like a great idea. Adam has a good track record (see Strawberry Perl) and seems like the obvious person to do this work.

The matching grant from Stonehenge seems like a great sweetener too.

This is a fantastic idea! I'd love to be able to work in Perl in an embedded format and this seems to be just the ticket. In addition, to be able to carry Perl in my pocket on a memory stick would be fantastic. I hope this becomes a reality.

A portable Perl installation would be great. I would be able to show customers some Perl applications without a Perl installation on their machine...

Portable Perl sounds awesome to me. +1

Great idea, would be very useful!

Yes please!

That seems a wonderful idea. Always having Perl handy even on computers on which it is not installed will be a real life-saver.

Really a project worth funding. I would love to have it on my stick.

I've spoken with Adam about this project before, and it sounds like a great idea. As said above, he has a good track record. This seems like a good investment.

I can't imagine my vote will go very far here, but I love this idea. At the very least it'd finally give me an excuse to start playing with Perl on Win32!

I was gung-ho about this proposal until I got to the Amount Requested section. Is this a proposal for travel money or for Perl on a Stick? Why should I care about the cost of flights or whether Adam is a funded author or not?

I've worked with Adam successfully in the past, and respect him greatly. I'd be perfectly happy if TPF chooses to fund this, but I found the proposal to be disconcerting and a little bizarre.

I think the whole idea of making Perl friendlier for the Windows users is a key aspect of the further advancement of Perl.

I also think that having a working community based version of Perl in Windows would benefit both the Perl community and my training business so I'd like to support both the Perl on a Stick proposal and the further development of Chocolate Perl.

I'll leave covering the costs of Adams flights to those who want to see him in person but I'd like to help him work on Strawberry and Chocolate Perl

So I would like to offer to match dollar for dollar any grant he receives from other sources up to 5000 USD.

Perl Training Israel


The precedent I was looking to follow in this grant is Damian Conway's grant from a few years ago, where he was funded to travel around a bunch of places while working on various things for a year.

In my case, instead of a year, it will be 3 months.

The costing details are illustrative of my estimated expenses for the 3 months, the author note was to illustrate the difference between my trip and the previous precedent in this area.

In any case, it also makes for an excellent development environment for a portable Perl distribution, and provide much better awareness of the issues involved.

The resulting product should be better directly as a result of the development being done "on the road".

I think this is a great idea and a great way to spread perly goodness.

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