2008Q2 Grant Proposal - Perl 6 Tables

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As of right now the link provided in the proposal links to a blank page. It would be helpful to have short descriptions of these "9 tables" and/or links to the german versions that already exist.

sorry that was an old link:


but most stuff is int the german version and the articles eather.

Excellent. I would love to see such "tutorials" on Perl 6.

I really hate being critical and nitpicky about details like grammar and spelling, but I found the English prose in the proposal to be sub-par. If the applicant is unable to write proper English in his proposal, why should the community believe that paying him to translate his documents will result in a readable end product? The money would be better spent hiring an experienced translator.

I can't read German so I can't speak to the quality of the original documents at all. Perhaps they are fantastic and even a mediocre translation would be worthwhile -- I don't know.

Again, I'm sorry to be critical and would be thrilled to be proved wrong. If the applicant would provide some examples of other high-quality translations he has performed, I will withdraw my criticism.

Hallo Chris,
Your arguments are to some degree valid. Even my german text output is often criticized for grammar and spelling when its written hasty like in forums or even in this proposal. Since I never thought that it would be published and had this evening a lot more to do, I spend not much time on this. I didn't expected to have much chances. But please consider also that my more carefully written texts like the articles are a bit better and I have some friends for proofreading too.

I'm currently unable to show you translations de > en because I'm on a trip. Furthermore I mostly translate in the other direction anyway.

I like the general presentation and content of Herbert's Perl6 tutorial in German. It's easy to browse through, dipping into the bits that interest you as you go along or looking for something specific in the index.

Chris Dolan found the English prose in the proposal to be sub-par. From my experience working in a multinational organisation this is inevitable: if you want a clear, readable text for training purposes in any language, the best solution is always to get it done by a native speaker who understands the subject in depth, writes clearly, and has a good knowledge of the source language (in that order of priority).

I retired recently from my job as a Perl developer and have some time available, so I'd like to volunteer to work with Herbert to translate his Perl6 tutorial texts into English: i.e. I would write a draft working directly from the German original and any translation work already done by Herbert and then liaise with him to arrive at a final version.

I wouldn't expect payment, but if travel expenses + accommodation for a couple of short visits to Germany could be arranged over the duration of the work that would be a bonus.

If you reckon something useful along these lines could be worth pursuing, contact me by email (in English or German) via iwhamilton@gmail.com to discuss it and/or set up an initial translation job based on a subset of the Perl tables.

Best Regards, Ian Hamilton (Hoeilaart, Belgium)

PS Before retiring I was doing Perl/XML/XSLT/HTML/Javascript development for the European Commission's Central Library. I've been following Pugs/Perl/Parrot from a distance for some time. I'm also an ex-translator with a pretty good, albeit rusty, knowledge of German (I worked in Dusseldorf as an English lecturer 1976-78).

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